Recently we had one very interesting project. We had to build entire corporate identity for one of our clients. It was a really attractive and challenging task for us not only because the client is a new night club, but we had to create one very strong and competitive marketing strategy for introducing it to the audience.

So, we put a lot of energy and effort in this project (as we do for all of them), our team didn’t see the daylight until we had finished it. We wanted to design something unique and unseen, something attractive, stylish and eye-catching. Our goal was to give the best possible start to this new addition of the night life. And we’ve absolutely achieved it!

Our baby’s presentation to the world totally surpassed all expectations and amazed its customers at the Opening party. Everyone was thrilled to see a party place, so inspiring and stunning like Club Six. After that the night life of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria was not the same.

Now let us tell you how this piece of art was born.

We have come up with the name, the font, the colors and the logo for the club. It had to be something simple, but modern.

Our work are also the menus, all invitations and business cards. They are decided in the same pattern and tints. We wanted their design to meet our entire concept of the club’s image – a place, different from all the others, a place, which stands out, a place with style and unique vision.

For the marketing strategy we needed some exiting and appealing billboards and posters. So, our designer took a good care of it. Considering our client’s budget we’ve prepared three billboards, located at some of the busiest areas in Stara Zagora. Their focus was put on the Opening party, its activities and special guests.

As part of the corporate identity we had to make a Facebook page and now it’s under our maintenance and supervision.

Our responsibility was also the stylish interior design and all the advertising images, which are visualized on the multimedia in the club. These abstractions are created in line with the most contemporary trends and express the ideas of the modernistic art.

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