Crooked, creepy gait… rotting flesh… bleeding eyes… blank, glazed look… sharp, meat-seeking teeth… The zombies from “The walking dead”? Wrong… It’s… you!

Don’t look so shocked. I’m talking about the new application, released by FOX International Channels – Dead yourself. Playing with it, you can turn yourself or your friends into fierce, bloodthirsty zombies. Now it sounds cool, yeah?

Inspired by the extremely successful series “The Walking Dead” this app transforms your pretty face in ugly, decayed, flesh-eating creature, allowing you to dive deeper in the fascinating apocalyptic world of Frank Darabont (creator of the TV series). All you have to do is to download the mobile app and the fun begins. Take a picture of yourself/your friends or upload one from your phone. Now everything depends on your imagination. You can choose the type of your mouth, eyes, background and specific features – bloody chains, axes, knives…

And if this is not exciting enough for you there are four scenarios for turning:

Season 4






After finishing disfiguring yourself you are welcome to join the zombie horde by sharing your new look on “The Walking Dead” gallery.

The best of all is that the app is free for download and every week you can unlock some hidden eye, mouth or other creepy feature.

So, ready to dead yourself?

P.S. Here is the place to express our enthusiastic admirations (on behalf of the entire team) to the great marketing decision of FOX International Channels. This app is the smartest way to promote the TV series, which by the way are really interesting. And we are naturally addicted fans ;)

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