Have you ever wondered why it is such pleasure to browse through some websites, while through others is more difficult to navigate than to cross a jungle? Is it up only to the design or there is something else? Something deeper?

The most of the people don’t realize the complicate nature of one site, until their business comes to the need to possess one. At this moment the truth is unveiled – a successful and appealing site is not just a pretty face. It demands a lot of efforts, creativity and strategic thinking.

So, what kind of weapons does your website need in this Internet war for users’ attention?

Define your goals and website’s purpose

Your goals will determine what kinds of things you need to include on your website to bring it from being mediocre to being great. A company’s website, a personal page, a school site? All of them need to meet very different characteristics to be considered of quality. Clear purpose = effective site.

Advice: Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve with this website?

Watch out for the content

Now, this is a very tricky moment. On one side, you shouldn’t overflow your site with information. On other side, if you use images for every piece of text you have, then search engines such as Google will never find you.

Advice: All content should be well-written, original with credible, valuable information. Not too many pictures.

Build a strong navigation structure

Attention! This is essential! To get lost among all links, dead-end articles, disorganized pages and too many details is extremely repellent for any user. No matter how useful the website information is or what beautiful design it has, if people can’t find what they’re looking for, they probably won’t visit it again.

Advice: Invest in easy to follow structure of the site; no dead ends and unnecessary confusing links.

Be careful with the design

There is only one step between a creative design and a tawdry one. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, but not to look like an amateur at the same time, use graphics and animations very wisely.

Advice: The key in a good website is simplicity. It’s better than a “neon billboard” design.

At the end my most important advice is: Pretend that you are a random visitor of your site. See it through his eyes. Imagine what you would want to see there.


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