We can proudly add one more recognition to our rising collection! Soon we will need to buy a new shelf for all of them ;)

This time the good news come from Flat Design. Only few hours ago they’ve featured our corporate site sonicomit.com to their Flat Design Showcase (check it here) What a pleasant feeling on this Tuesday afternoon!

One more time our efforts, hard work and enthusiasm have been rewarded. After the appreciation, coming from world famous and prestigious contest websites such as CSS Mozaic; CSS Awards; CSS Reel; Awwwards; CSS Winner; CSS Design Awards; French Design Index; CSS Pandemic this recognition proves again our place among the most perspective and creative web studios. For just one year we’ve managed to receive 11 nominations, 7 recognitions and 2 awards from international contests. And this is only the beginning….

For those of our friends who are not familiar with these web contests let me throw some light on that subject. There are many sites which are in constant search for creative, interesting and perspective websites. They collect, display, evaluate and reward them. The competition between all the participant web agencies is extremely consuming. And when I say consuming, I mean fierce!

The prizes are not material, but for our IT society the recognition and popularity gained, is much more valuable and desired.

So, now you can fully understand why all these awards and nominations are such big success for our team! And you can see the reason why we are so proud to be one of the elite in our IT sector!


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