Today we have noticed some higher activity in Facebook. And this is not the usual Friday excitement about the coming weekend. It’s something else. Something that promises a great disclosure of a big secret. Secret, after which the world will never be the same…

We are talking about the sharing of a website link, which is told to belong to NASA. At least the NASA logo there makes the people think this way. So, on this page you can find information about some big announcement, which the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is going to make on Sunday, 06.10.13. It’s supposed to be published on 13. November, but they’re going to make it earlier. A big counter is counting down the time left until the big secret is brought to the world.

And now, we have approximately only 1 day and 8 hours to live the life the way we know it, because after that our world will turn upside down.

Don’t you find something strange here? For us these loud words sound just like the fake predictions for the end of the world. We’re not saying that the announcement will be something about this topic, but there are some things that make us doubt in this whole excitement.

First, the domain name of the site is protected. This means that we can’t be sure that NASA stays behind it. Anyone can do it due to boredom or due to his good sense of humor.

Second, we can’t find a confirmation for the authenticity of the site, because the official NASA page is not available! Due to the lapse in federal government funding.

So, we suggest you: do not believe to such sensational news! You can’t verify the authenticity of this information, so there is a big chance this to be some fake joke or a PR strategy. In both cases, you’ll be disappointed.


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