About two months ago we launched the Sonicom website, part of the Sonicom Corporate Identity. It was our first major project and we invested a lot of time in it, both in the design and development process. It seems that that has payed off. Some time after the launch the website got nominated and featured on places such as CSS Design Awards, CSS Winner & CSS Awards. Those three are some of the most popular websites on the internet and their sole purpose is to recognize and promote other websites for their outstanding design, organization, development and creativity. Needless to say we were super excited and we felt very honored.

Yes, we didn’t become Site of The Day on any of the three websites, but the sole fact that we got nominated among so many others proves that we are on a right path. And that’s really something. The least it’s a great advertising and popularity boost for the Sonicom brand, but most importantly it’s something to motivate us to further improve, so that one day we can get not only a nomination, but an award.

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