And here we are, heading off to our first team photo session. It’s really exciting, because this is the key moment when we are about to create one of our most important projects – our company’s identity.

It’s six o’clock on Friday evening and we are at Yoan Galabov’s photo studio. The mood is upbeat and we are discussing how should our team picture look like. It’s not easy to decide, because everyone has its own vision about that, but in the end we manage peacefully to reach an agreement.

So, it’s about time the photo session to begin. I can tell you, it’s really interesting to see your colleagues dressed-up and posing in front of the camera. It’s actually even funny and no one can behave seriously. Well, it’s not easy to stay calm and focused, when everyone is looking at you, and at the same time laughing and joking.

At the end, after 2 hours of photo shooting and fun, our photographer finally succeeds to capture our best pics and we are ready to present ourselves to the world!

You can enjoy the result on our updated company’s site: Sonicomit.

And a video of our photo shooting :)

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