On 14.03 was the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S4. At first I didn’t pay attention to all that noise around the new phone. But then I accidentally came upon its presentation and I have to admit – I was very impressed.

What can I say about the design – it continues the stylish vision of its predecessor Galaxy S3, but it’s even lighter, thinner and with wider FULL HD Super AMOLED screen. Shortly – perfect for little ladies ‘purses and tight men’s pockets ;)

Despite its delicate appearance Galaxy S4 is incredibly powerful and super quick. It operates with Android 4.2.2, which this May is promised to be upgraded to the newest version 5.0. The smart phone possesses quad-core CPU, which guarantees smooth Internet browsing and multiple applications running. It also has 2 GB RAM and the option for up to 64 GB storage memory.

But enough with these boring software and hardware specifications. It’s time for my favorite apps and features.

First, I want to introduce you the 13-mega pixel camera. It naturally makes amazing HD pics, but this is just a little part of its vast options. Few of the most interesting are auto focus, image stabilization, Geo-tagging, touch focus and face and smile detection. And for those who are especially fastidious about their photos are the HDR and Dual Shoot features. They allow you to take several images (bright, medium, dark), which the processor combines, and the result is a clear photo with well distinct details. And in case that one camera is not enough for someone, SG S4 is equipped with second camera on the front side. Its 2- mega pixels are absolutely sufficient for video calls for example.

Imagine you are on vacation in Egypt and nobody of the locals understands English. Now what? If you possess SG S4, it wouldn’t be a problem. Thanks to its S translator function you just have to say or write the necessary text translated and it’ll read or text back the translation. So, aren’t you now a polyglot or what?

Other intriguing features are the Smart scroll and the Smart pause functions. They allow you like a magician to pause/resume some video you’re watching only with one head movement. The explanation has nothing to do with magic – the front camera follows all your moves and doesn’t allow you to miss a single second of something interesting you’re watching. On other side by tilting the phone from one side to another you automatically scroll up or down websites and e-mails.

One also interesting app is WatchON. If you connect your SG S4 with your home entertainment system you will be able to use it as a remote. Surfing through the channels, receiving program schedules and suggestions – all this via your smart phone.

And at the end I want to add some very important information for the ladies. Finally you can use your long beautifully painted nails to tab on the touchscreen – it will react! And one more thing – Samsung Galaxy S4 is now twice more resistible to hits and drops. So ladies, you can now throw it at your disobedient or unfaithful boyfriends as much as you want ;)

||||| 4 I Like It! |||||