Lately we had a very pleasant project – a Facebook application for an alcohol company. So far it doesn’t sound so exciting, but the single fact that we had this project for one of the biggest liquor producers, that we had the chance to be near the kitchen where the magical beverages are brewed – this was definitely intriguing for us.

And for those (mostly non-Bulgarian and non-European readers) who are not familiar with this so appreciated by the entertainment sector and by the liquor lovers company, I will share some more information – Savoy is a trade mark, established in 1903. Over time the production and business activity of the company has grown and at the present moment it is one of the biggest alcohol producers. It exports its quality products throughout the most countries in Europe. The product range? Everything, for every taste – vodka, rum, gin, whisky, tequila….

So you see, for us it was important to put all our efforts (as always) to create a worthy product for this highly necessary to the human kind company and its business :)

We have decided to develop a practical and attractive application which visually and functionally fully corresponds to the company’s promotional game site. After all, it’s important all components of one idea to comply and to complement each other. The goal of the project – reaching a wider audience and capturing the segment of social networks – was successfully accomplished.


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