You are so rich, cool and you want the whole world to know about it? Or you want to impress some hot guy/girl by bragging with your enormous fortune? Well, we can show you a new and very interesting way to do this. It’s called So Rich.Me – an innovative website that introduces you to all Internet users. The idea of this site is to present the richest people on Internet. But this is not the most interesting feature of our site. Here comes the surprise – you will not only brag to the people how sustainable you are but you also can make money out of it! Yes, you heard me right!

Already intrigued and eager to find out how it works? OK, so listen up. There are four spots on the site and you can buy one with price, starting at 1000$. Then you simply upload your picture to your spot on the Homepage. That’s it! Now you are one of the richest people on Internet. At least for 30 days or until somebody buys your spot. The latter can happen if somebody gives 2000$ for your spot. Then you are no longer part of the Top 4, but you get back your 1000$ plus an additional 500$. A great bargain, isn’t it?

And now, let me tell you why we’re doing this. We are SonicomIT – a small Web and Digital Agency, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our young team of six highly motivated and ambitious professionals dares to dream big and passionately and has the idea to create a video game. So this is our way to raise the necessary funds to get started. Every time, when someone buys an already purchased spot for 2000$, the first buyer gets his 1500 refund, and we are 500$ closer to our dream.

And at the end we want to brag too. Our site has been featured on CSS Pandemic! This is a great appreciation of our work and motivates us to continue with our creative and interesting projects! You can check it on

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