1910 is, as the founders describe it themselves, a “creative partnership” of Swedish graphic designers Jonas Salvador and Stellan Johansson. It is a modern design & communication studio specializing in Identity Design and Interaction Design for “creative entrepreneurs and remarkable people”. Since its start in 2011, the studio has managed to score clients such as EA Dice, Epic Games & Starbreeze AB, and the chance is if you have played Syndicate or perhaps Bulletstorm that you have seen their amazing work on the User Interface. Along that they have also created a number of incredible identites and logotypes.

I have been following 1910’s work for almost a year now and every time they publish a new case study on their website (www.weare1910.com), I just stare at it in admiration of how much thought they have put and the amount of care they have invested into every single detail. I have grown to passionately love what they do and use it as a source of inspiration.

Everytime 1910 publishes a new case study on their website, I just stare at it in sheer admiration of the amount of care put into every detail.

However, despite all of the great things they have created I personally believe they have yet to craft something that can rival the beauty and simplicity of their own corporate identity.

1910 Logo

As one user on Behance cleverly pointed out – “It is too simple, but yet too beautiful!”. And that’s an achievement few have completed.

It is too simple, yet too beautiful!

To start with their logo, because, well after all corporate identities do start with a logo, they have managed to achieve a beautiful aesthetic look by combining the oh, so simple shape of a circle with a very clean, strong and tall typeface. The typeface slightly reminds me of the Art Deco era with its sharp and eye-catching types, but transferred into our modern world by cleaning it up from it’s decorations and giving it the feeling of minimalism. The combination is truly excellent and communicates a sense of style and elegance, all the same with consistency and responsibility. To be able to communicate your company values in a simple form is a task no easy, but with their logotype 1910 have truly nailed it.

1910 Identity Stationery

The choice of colors and use of negative space to form the type is excellent as well. It transfer smoothly on the various stationery and cool items that complete the identity. The small notebooks with the pencils are an especially nice touch.

Finally, but not least, the website. It fits the style of the identity gorgeously, while adding some clever functionality. It has a grid-based layout, displaying the studio’s finished projects on the Home Page, and giving the ability to easily choose any one of them to view its detailed showcase. The showcases themselve feature some top of the line product photography and they should serve as a “how to properly present my work” guide for everyone. Seriously, lately I have witnessed way too many designers that don’t bother to present their work in an intricate and detailed way, and that is a big loss, that can make people like me think that they don’t respect their work enough. Just sayin’.

To summarize everything 1910 has a brilliant corporate identity that has been created with a great deal of love and care, and attention to everything in it, from the logotype, to the stationery and stuff like pencils and cups, to the website. And I’m in love with it. And that’s that.

So be sure to check out their website (www.weare1910.com) or their profile on Behance (http://be.net/weare1910) to view more of their work. I assure you it is worth it.

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