Lately I’ve posted several really interesting pics of me in my Facebook profile – me under water, me covered with snowflakes, me with burning head, me in all rainbow colors… And before you ask – no, I haven’t used Photoshop and no, I haven’t been in the Bahamas or the Alps.

So, now you’re wondering how these pictures are made. Simple – using the cool apps on the This is an exciting new experiment of “Neave Interactive“, which is getting more and more popular among the internet users.

The most amazing thing about it is that the developers have used only HTML5 to create it! These guys in “Neave interactive” are absolutely front-end geniuses that are obviously not familiar with the words “impossible” and “limits”! No one could ever imagine that site effects and apps which are usually made with “flash” could be created only with the HTML5 tools. But the firm proof lies on and reveals unbelievably intriguing and funny opportunities for the users to design their unique and crazy pic.

You only need a webcam and your imagination and you are ready to dive in this endless sea of various tools. Now the choice is all yours – whether to make an old style pic, to set a different color or type of background or to create an extraordinary modernistic photos with cool visual effects. And for some of the effects I have to warn you – when looking at them you may have the feeling that you are looking through some drug addict’s eyes ;)

And one more thing – as it’s developed as an HTML5 experiment, the Webcamtoy site in its HTML5 version can be opened only with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For the other browsers you will have to use the flash version of the site:


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