Abduzeedo is one of the major blogs on the internet about design. It’s a huge collection of visual inspiration and useful tutorials, and for years is a place, which all kinds of designers visit daily. So when we first got featured into their “Daily Inspiration” collection, which consists of a lot of great and creative stuff from top-notch artists, we were super hyped. In a way Abduzeedo were saying “Hey, check out what these guys made. Now that’s something that can inspire you!”, which is just awesome. And, I’ve gotta tell you, to see your work on such a big and famous site is amazing. And then we got featured a second time! Yep, that truly made our week.

You can see the posters we’ve been featured with below. The first one is for a theatrical adaptation of the book “When The Cat Is Gone”, and I strongly suggest you check it out right here. The second and third one are our entries for the Reclamation Poster Contest, which is something that requires an entirely separate post.

Link to the first featured post: Daily Inspiration #1302

Link to the second featured post: Daily Inspiration #1309

First Reclamation Poster
Second Reclamation Poster
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