Variety is always a good thing. It makes life more interesting, colorful and funny. This applies to the Facebook covers too. After the social platform created the opportunity for self-expression through these cover pictures the true secret nature of many people came to life ;)

Of course, the background photos may show us only the current mood of someone, but… who knows…

We will show you some really interesting cover pic types. Then you can decide for yourself what their meaning is and what they actually express ;)

First we start with some absolutely creative photos! We have to admit – their creators have pretty rich imagination. I actually may take some ideas for my pic…

I can’t miss the interesting covers too. They are not so original to call them creative, but in some their way are eye-catching and preferable for the most Facebook fans.

Naturally there is one category that everybody knows and it can’t be called anything else but geek! When you see such pic you’ll recognize it. Immediately. Guaranteed.

For the next cover type I don’t know what to say. So many times I have wondered what drives these people to put such images on their Facebook profiles. I’m talking about those really meaningless, stupid and even absurd photos. Maybe their users are a bit crazy, maybe they’re just looking for some attention. Decide for yourselves ;)

And the last category, which I’m going to mention, are the funny pics. My favorite! They always can make you smile, they always bring something colorful and cheerful to your grey and boring everyday life :)

With this article I’ve barely scratched the surface of the vast ocean of cover images, but I wanted to show you how rich, limitless and creative the human imagination is! The variety of Facebook covers is just one of the proofs. But it’s a really interesting one.


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