And a recognition again! Another of our websites is featured on CSSAwards! I’m thrilled to present you the project we created for Yoan Galabov. You can enjoy it here.

Now, let me tell you something more about him.

“I perceive portraiture as something personal beyond hidden and observation.”

This is the slogan of Yoan Galabov – one very interesting and creative photographer. His passion is to make beautiful pictures as you can see in one of his projects, called “Faces”. All photos in this album are inspired by ordinary people with different cultures, education, life style and worldview. The only common thing between the persons on these pictures is, that they have made some kind of impression on Yoan Galabov. Which actually matters for him and is the leading concept of the project. Other collections of his are: Fashion and Beauty, Forest Spectrum, Minoar, Notional, People and Portraits.

Lifetime facts – he grew up in Czech Republic, but he graduated the National School of Applied Arts in Bulgaria. Now he’s studying in the National Academy of Arts.

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